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Seek THE Positive

By Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.

I, Susan Rempel, have decided to seek THE Positive. It is my adventure to constantly improve my health and wellbeing. Won't you join me?

What does it mean to seek THE positive?

"T" refers to your thoughts and mental health. Working to stay positive each and every day is a conscious choice that you make each moment of your life. Thinking positively and with great enthusiasm improves your mood. Learning to reduce and better manage stress impacts your mental and physical well being. Forming healthy relationships, and minimizing the drama that you choose to enter into, leads to a centered and balanced approach to life. Having a positive belief system not only boosts your enthusiasm during your search for the positive side of life,  but it also provides comfort when you are faced with life's difficult moments. Being grateful for the life you have been given will help you to continue to seek THE positive each and every day. And, by the way, what have you done today that is "just for fun"? When you were a child, play and fun was something you not only sought, but you actively demanded. Ask yourself when was the last time you brought fun into your life.

"H" refers to your physical health and well being. Taking care of your body improves the quality and length of your life.  Eating well and correctly  supplementing your body will improve your health.   Exercise improves not only muscle strength and system function, but it improves your mood and how you feel about yourself. Resting your body and getting enough sleep is critical for so many reasons. Finding alternative and integrative options to maintain and improve your physical health and well being gives you choices that place you in control of your health!

"E" refers to Education, Evaluation and Execution.  This is the "action" part of THE and the most challenging as well. How do you know what to eat and how to supplement if you are not constantly educating yourself?  Are you filling your mind with positive thoughts and information? Are you critically analyzing what you learn? Don't just take someone's word for something if it is your health that is at stake. Take time to learn more about a subject. Hear what others have to say about the subject. Develop your own opinion and march forth on your quest for the positive health and well being that you seek to achieve. Are you processing how each relationship in your life impacts you? Evaluate how you can focus yourself and those around you on what is most positive each and every day. How you execute or choose, to think, behave, and act is perhaps the hardest part of the equation. You make choices that impact your physical and mental well being all day long.  What you put, or don't put, into your body, how you choose to view a situation or relationship, and how you treat yourself impacts the quality and length of your life.

Life is a journey.... Seek THE positive each and every day!

I decided to devote a portion of this site, write articles, and develop a series of games to help me share what has worked for me and my optimism for the future with others. Enjoy! I'll be releasing new games slowly over the next few months. If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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